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Professor Bo Janzon has distinguished and extensive experience within Security and Defence Science and Technology, after more than 38 years at FOI (Swedish Defence Research Agency) and its predecessor FOA, as a scientist, Project Manager, and as a Section Head and Division Director for 19 years. From 2002 he has worked in Staff positions with business development in Public Safety and Security, specialising on anti-terrorism, future threats and infrastructure protection. Dr. Janzon has been the focus at FOI for the EU Security Research and PASR and the US DHS/HSARPA. He has also been much involved in business with foreign nations, including DSTA Singapore, ARL, LLNL, ONR and DARPA, USA, EMI/Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Germany, ISL, France-Germany, and TNO, The Netherlands, as well as having served two years as a visiting scientist with DSTO Australia.



Master of Science, Engineering Physics, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm (1968)

Doctor of Medical Science (Ph.D.), Göteborg University (1983), at Dept. of Surgery, on a thesis on "High Energy Missile Trauma - A Study of the Mechanisms of Wounding of Muscle Tissue". Faculty Opponent was Professor Karl Sellier, University of Bonn.

National Defence College, Institute of Higher Total Defence Education. Basic and Extension courses (1999-2001)



Research Scientist, FOA - National Defence Research Establishment, Sweden (1968-1975 )

Head of FOA Section of "Warhead Physics", later renamed "Penetration Mechanics", with ab. 20 researchers (1975-86)

Appointed Assistant Research Director, after scientific scrutiny (1984)

Member of planning team for a new large project at FOA "Anti-Submarine warfare" (1985-86)

Project Manager for "Ant-Submarine Weapons Effects" and member of the management group of FOA Main Project "Anti-Submarine Warfare" (1986-90) . The Main Project annually encompassed up to 100 person-years.

Project Manager for development of a new 100 mm Anti-Submarine Grenade and Propulsion Charge (augr m/90), in collaboration with Swedish industries (1990-91)

Visiting scientist at DSTO Materials Research Laboratory, Maribyrnong, Australia (1991-93)

Coordinating Desk Officer in FOA Director General's Staff, responsible for developing contacts with Germany, Austria, Australia, Singapore and some selected organisations (1993-94)

Director of FOA/ later FOI (Swedish Defence Research Agency), Weapons and Protection Division (1994-2002), with ab. 115 researchers and member of the FOA/FOI Management group

Coordinator in central FOI staff function (2002-2006), working with Civilian Markets, Public Security and Safety and protection against terrorism.

Appointed Research Director in "Warheads, Ballistics and Weapons Effects" (2003, commensurate with a full Professorship, after scientific scrutiny by three independent International Experts).

Appointed Honorary Professor at the Nanjing University of Science and Technology (2008).


National and International Commissions

Member, International Law Commission of Sweden's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1972 -1991)

Fellow, Sweden's Royal Academy of War Sciences, Dept.of Military Technology (1999 - )

Chairman (2006-2008) and Founding  member, International Ballistics Committee

Chairman, Founding  member, Wound Ballistics Sweden

WEAG CEPA 14 “Energetic Materials” Steering Committe (1995-2003)

Steering Committee for collaboration FOI – ISL, Swedish Chair (1996-2006)

Trilateral Steering Committee on Defence Research Collaboration Sweden – Netherlands – Canada (2002-2006)

Steering Committee for collaboration on “Public Safety” with TNO, Netherlands (2002-2006)


Professional Experience

1968-93 Research and project management concerning  weapon and warhead function, interaction with targets and protection. The research was both theoretical and experimental, and covered detonics, ballistics, penetration mechanics, wound ballistics, effects on humans and forensic ballistics. Topics include light/body armour, advanced (heavy) armour, numerical hydro- and continuum dynamics, small calibre weapons and munitions, fragmentation and shaped charge warheads, underwater weapons and warheads, submarine vulnerability, naval mine clearance, energetic materials, land and naval mine clearance and humanitarian demining.

1994-2002  Participated in research concerning energetic materials, shaped charge warheads, advanced armours, mine clearance and humanitarian demining, and weapons effects on humans.

Dr. Janzon has published over 100 scientific articles and reports, and many popular scientific and user-adapted publications. He has made many public appearances in television, radio and printed media in topics ranging from war and defence to terrorism, cutting-up murders and the "Estonia" ship disaster. In 2005 He was the third most frequently appearing expert from FOI in media, mostly concerning terrorism.

He has lead and participated in the organising of a large number of International Conferences and Symposia on  Science and Technology. He is a frequently invited keynote and guest speaker on weapons, ballistics, weapons effects, terrorism and future global threats.

He has much experience from National and International discussions, negotiations and collaborative projects - both bi- and multilateral - also concerning International Law, patent- and immaterial rights and salaries and work conditions and environment. He has worked on different subjects with many nations around the world.

Dr. Janzon has wide knowledge about Swedish Defence. He did his military service in Sweden's Amphibian Forces and later served as a part-time Intelligence and Technical Specialist Officer in the Northern Military Command for about 15 years. He has also collaborated much with the Swedish Army and Navy, including membership in many study groups.

Since 2001 Dr Janzon has participated in several scientific and technological audits: of the Prins Maurits Laboratorium/TNO (NL); The Division of Materiel and Protection of  the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment,  FFI (NO); and has chaired an audit of the Defence Forces Institute of Technology, PvTT (FI);  In November 2006 he again participated in a technology audit of (parts of) TNO Defence, Security and Safety (NL).

2002-2006   Work within wide aspects of public safety and security, protection against terrorism, future threats infrastructure protection and crisis management. Among other tasks he coordinated FOI's contacts in this area with the EU - FP 6, PASR 04, 05 and 06, and preparations for FP 7 - and with the US DHS/HSARPA. He also represented FOI in the EARTO and EUROTECH groups, as well as initiated and participated in a strategic collaboration on Public Safety with the TNO, Netherlands.

During this period FOI participated in 9 of the total of about 40 projects and studies (i e ab 23 %) in the three years of the PASR. In PASR 2006 FOI participates in 5 of 12 approved projects (33 %), much surpassing the  average result of 7-8 %. Yearly FOI has participated in 12-17 applications for the PASR. In many of those Dr. Janzon has assisted with directions, advice, elaboration of parts of the proposals and "Red team" analysis. He has also analysed and communicated the evaluation and awards for the PASR, in collaboration with the TNO, Netherlands.



Swedish (mother tongue), English (excellent), German (good), French (some), Norwegian, Danish (understanding), Dutch (some reading).

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