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Dr. Bo Janzon, SECRAB, has visited the Nanjing University of Science and Technology and the China Ordnance Society, Beijing, in May 2008 to discuss the arrangements concerning the 25th International Symposium on Ballistics, Beijing, 2010. At the visit he was appointed an Honorary Professor of the University, and presenetd an inaugural lecture on "The Future of ballistics". The visit was made on behalf of the International Ballistics Committee and was supported by FOI - the Swedish Defence Research Agency (May 2008).

Dr. Bo Janzon, SECRAB, has presented lectures on "Future threats" to a  Security Engineer advanced education group (KY-utbildning för säkerhetsingenjörer) at Eskilstuna, Sweden (May 2008)

The study  on how to block underground tunnels using conventional drilling and rock blasting, on behalf of the US Defense Advanced Projects Agency (DARPA),  made in collaboration with Dr. Gunnar Wijk, FOI, Sweden and Mr. Bengt Niklasson of the the Geosigma Co was successfully reported at a meeting with DARPA and Sandia officials at the Sandia National Laboratory, Albuquerque, N M, USA (April 2008)

Dr. Bo Janzon, SECRAB, has reviewed the plans for construction of new explosives and ballistics research facilities for TNO Defence and Security's Business Unit "Protection, Munitions and Weapons"  (January 2008)

SECRAB will participate in a project for the first call of the EU FP7 Security Research Program, called "LOTUS -  LOcalisation of Threat substances in Urban Society" . The project is coordinated by FOI, Sweden, is scheduled to start mid-2008 and will last for three years. (Nov 2007)

Dr. Bo Janzon, SECRAB, has performed duties as a reviewer/referee for applications for the Swedish Security Research Program sponsored by KBM, VINNOVA and FMV. (Sept 2007).

Dr. Bo Janzon, SECRAB,  presented a lecture on "Terrorism and Radicalization" to about 40 European Special Policemen and Military Officers  at the Aimpoint Live Fire days, Ravlunda Firing Range (September 2007).

SECRAB has performed a study on European Steel Industries for Willfour and Partners, UK (August 2007)

SECRAB has been granted a contract from the US Defense Advanced Projects Agency (DARPA) to study  how to block underground tunnels using conventional drilling and rock blasting, The study will be finished in March 2008 and will be made in collaboration with FOI, Sweden and the Geosigma Co. (July 2007).

Dr. Bo Janzon, SECRAB, presented a keynote lecture on "Threats from Terrorist and Criminal Activity and Risk of Dangerous Accidents – Resistance and Vulnerability of the Urban Environment and Ways of Mitigation" at a NATO Advanced Research Workshop on "Urban Infrastructures Resilience" in Moscow, Russia. The paper will be published by Springer, Germany (July 2007).

Dr. Bo Janzon, SECRAB, has participated in a Technological Audit of two of the Netherlands' large research institute TNO Defence and Security's Business Units: "Protection, Munitions and Weapons" and "Biological and Chemical Protection". (November 2006)

Dr. Bo Janzon, SECRAB, was elected Chairman of the International Ballistics Committee ( at The 22nd International Sympsoium on Ballistics, Vancouver, Canada, and will serve for a period of three years (November 2005)

Media Coverage of SECRAB Security Research

Hoped to survive. This is a "concussion tube". (Hoppades överleva. Detta är knallskott. In Swedish). Aftonbladet, 28 August 2008

False evidence pointed out Soviet Submarines (Falska bevis pekade ut sovjetiska ubåtar. In Swedish.)  Uppdrag Granskning, Wednesday 11 June 2008 at 2000 hrs, SVT1.

How the experts would want to save lives of policemen and -women (Så vill experterna rädda polisliv, in Swedish).  Polistidningen, Stockholm, 7/8, December 2007, pp 44-47   (author: Örjan Grahn)  Part 1 , Part 2                                   

Muhammed pictures may affect Swedish Companies    Dagen, 07-09-06

20000 Iraqi refugees come to Sweden annually. Do Iraqi Refugees in Sweden constitute a terrorism risk?    Interview, Al Jazeera English Television, 07-04-15

Police hunts bomber at Forsmark Nuclear Power Plant.   Polisen jagar bombman vid Forsmark , Metro 07-03-22 p 2 , Polisen jagar bombman vid Forsmark   , Metro Web 07-03-21

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