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We will find the technologies and research that you need and provide access to the best competences available.

Key Benefits

  • SECRAB is a one-stop shop

  • You will get access to the best science and technology available in Europe (or the World)

  • We have excellent knowledge of and contacts with  a large number of research institutes and other organisations active in security and safety R&T, with a total of more than 100 000 scientists and  researchers

  • If you so wish we can give you a wide choice of alternative suppliers for your R&T needs


Finding a specific technology

If we cannot find where the knowledge needed exists, nobody can!

Giving and getting advice

If there are multiple possibilities, we will advise you and/or get external advice that will improve your ability to make the correct choice

Assisting you to get started

We will assist you to get in contact with  one or more potential suppliers, to request an offer from them and  be your partner (or represent you) for  negotiations.

Executing the project

We can assist you to receive the results and to follow up the project.

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