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Finding new announcements and requests for proposals

We can keep watch on the EU and/or DHS to assure that you will be prepared when a request appears.

We will assist you in organising or participating in projects for the EU FP 7 or other EU programs, and for the US Dept. of Homeland Security and HSARPA.

Key Benefits

  • Our long and qualified experience in formulating applications will increase the chances for your proposal's acceptance

  • Our extensive contacts will make it easy to find qualified partners from other nations for your proposal


Instructions for writing
  •           We can provide instructions or a handbook for writing applications and/or supervise your writing

  • Training
  •           We can provide or organise training for persons involved in project application writing

  • Writing a proposal

    We can  participate in your writing of the proposal, from just giving advice and assistance up to taking full responsibility for coordinating its elaboration.

    Red Team scrutiny

    We can take responsibility for reading your proposal with the eyes of the evaluators, and give you the feedback needed to fine-tune your proposal for success

    Information on opportunities

    We can inform you of the different programs - in Europe and/or the USA - that exist and where your company's competence might fit in.

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