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We can assist you with writing and/or translating R&T papers and presentations, organising seminars, workshops, media releases, interviews etc.

Key Benefits

  • You will be assisted by very experienced authors and presenters

  • Your seminar or workshop will be of a high standard and will convey your message to the audience in a factual manner

  • We will assure excellent lingual quality (in Swedish or English) of  publications, slide shows or other matter involved


Writing R&T papers and presentations

We can do this based on facts and a basic manuscript that you provide, or do it together with you or your personnel. The result can be delivered as a paper, a poster, a Power-point slide show, with or without text and comments.

Organising seminars and workshops

We can organise technical meetings at different levels of involvement, from just helping you set up the program to taking full responsibility, including elaboration of a report.

Especially we can help you organise effective presentations of your ideas or projects to different Directorates General of the European Commission and/or concerned portfolio and program managers from DHS/S&T or HSARPA, or other interested parties.

Media relations

We can also assist you in making effective media releases and organising media conferences concerning relevant sujects.


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